3. Männer: From bad to Worse. But now the only way is up!

22.12.2021 | Spielberichte 3. Männer 2021/2022

05.12.2021: HSG III – TV Cölbe : 15:28 (11:15)

For the first regional Derby, the local Clássico, since we the Corona started the set was staged for a great game. The home team lads were excited to put on a good show against the local competition from Cölbe. Family and friends attended the sport hall in order to support the team and push it through the first win of the season.

At first things didn’t go so well. Five minutes and the away team had a 0:4 advantage in the score until Marburg hit the first goal. Not that things got better fast. From 1:4, it escalated to 2:8 with many unforced mistakes happening and the away team taking advantage of them.

At this time, a good timeout from Marburg coach made the team gather some attention and change the mentality of the home team players. After that some good offensive actions and good stops in the defense made the difference in score shrink to a closer 9:11. This time the opposite coach, feeling the loss of control of the match, called for a timeout himself with a bit less than five minutes left in the first half.

Again, the timeout worked for the team which called it and after some missed offensive possessions and seven meters, Marburg once again saw the away team get further in the score at the end of first half. 11:15 was the score after the halftime whistle.

The home lads came back strong and still with the winning mentality in the second half even with a four goals deficit.
The half started with both teams trading goals and pushing each other to many warnings, seven meters and two minutes exclusions. The main difference at this point was that Cölbe was taking advantage of theirs and Marburg wasn’t. The rest of the game was tragic for the home team. Lots of missed opportunities, lack of offensive power and a too easy defense to overcome.

Maybe the team got tired, maybe the lack of marksmanship in the seven meter line, maybe the overall inexperience of the team, maybe the fact that our coach and one of the leaders got unintentionally kicked in the face by the opposite goalkeeper and had to leave the game… Lots of maybes, but a hard game to play and watch if you are a Marburg-Cappel supporter.

At the end of the game, the scoreboard shows 15:28. Now we go back to the grind to show some better results to all players and supporters of the blue and yellow uniform!

Für die HSG Marburg/Cappel spielten: N. Oberlik (Tor); P. Ueberholz (4/2); S. Zaigler (3); F. Held, J. Schellheimer, R. Biasizzo (2); S. Hanzlik, M. Strokin (1); N. Kaletsch, J. Triebel, L. Klenner, D. Neuschild (ohne Tor); A. Pittack (MV A)

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